Hiring Managers (Seattle): Our Secret Sauce

Our Secret Sauce

Our Secret Sauce: For Hiring Managers

We’re completely fixated on selecting and vetting SaaS sales candidates (net new, cross-sell, up-sell). For every 100 resumes you receive from other recruiters we’ll send you 10 qualified, buzzword-free resumes.

We invest in our candidates. Our proprietary 4-step process allows us to build strong relationships. You can read some reviews here.

Every Red Letter candidate meets with three different team members in three different settings – phone, video, and face-to-face. We spend an average of four hours with each candidate evaluating their skill set and cultural fit before sending them your way.

When we do send them to you, we provide a detailed digital portfolio which includes a real bio, three assessment scores (need to achieve, competition, and optimism) and an executive summary compiled from our interactions.

We send many fewer candidates, but the ones we do send meet your requirements.

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Red Letter Values



We do whatever it takes to serve our candidates, clients,
team members, and community well


We are vaults when it comes to entrusted, private or
restricted knowledge or information


 We find agile and clever ways to overcome challenges and maximize opportunities

Work/Life Balance

We endeavor to properly prioritize between “work” (career and ambition)
and “lifestyle” (health, leisure, family and spiritual development)


We believe mutual trust is critical to our success

Thank you to…


Thank you to our candidates for trusting us with your next career move. We know our process is demanding. Thank you for your perseverance. You fuel our passion with your honest feedback and over-the-top encouragement. We hope you feel valued on your journey.

Thank you to our clients for allowing us the privilege of coming alongside you to help you achieve your hiring goals. We have enormous respect for you and are honored to have a small part of your big plan.

The best is yet to come. Watch this space.


2.4x ROI compared to industry averages


2.4x ROI compared to industry averages.

Lever, our applicant tracking system, recently published a study of 600 customers, 1.5 million candidate considerations, and 15,000 hires.

The report says only 3.9% of “agency” candidates get hired. With our tagline, “Get Hired”, I was challenged to take a closer look at our funnel.

Our “get hired” conversion rate (bottom of funnel) is 9.4%. 16.3% get offers, but 1 out of every 10 Red Letter candidates presented to our clients get hired. That’s 2.4x better than industry “agency” specific averages.

A closer look at our funnel revealed the following:

>1,100 top of funnel leads over the past 90 days:

33.2% advanced and were invited into our 4-step process

53.4% (of the 33.2%) advanced & completed step 1 (30-min First Impression Call)

49.4% (of the 53.4%) advanced & completed step 2 (45 min Video Conference)

70.1% (of the 49.4%) advanced & completed step 3 (45 min In Person Meeting with CEO)

80.8% (of the 70.1%) were presented to our clients

16.3% (of the 80.8%) received offers)

  9.4% (of the 80.8%) were hired

But, we’ve only just begun. Watch this space as we innovate new ways to double our conversion.

We’re serving candidates and companies in profound ways.

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Source: http://bit.ly/2tDdmVy