Hiring Managers (Seattle): Our Secret Sauce

Our Secret Sauce

Our Secret Sauce: For Hiring Managers

We’re completely fixated on selecting and vetting SaaS sales candidates (net new, cross-sell, up-sell). For every 100 resumes you receive from other recruiters we’ll send you 10 qualified, buzzword-free resumes.

We invest in our candidates. Our proprietary 4-step process allows us to build strong relationships. You can read some reviews here.

Every Red Letter candidate meets with three different team members in three different settings – phone, video, and face-to-face. We spend an average of four hours with each candidate evaluating their skill set and cultural fit before sending them your way.

When we do send them to you, we provide a detailed digital portfolio which includes a real bio, three assessment scores (need to achieve, competition, and optimism) and an executive summary compiled from our interactions.

We send many fewer candidates, but the ones we do send meet your requirements.

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