2.4x ROI compared to industry averages


2.4x ROI compared to industry averages.

Lever, our applicant tracking system, recently published a study of 600 customers, 1.5 million candidate considerations, and 15,000 hires.

The report says only 3.9% of “agency” candidates get hired. With our tagline, “Get Hired”, I was challenged to take a closer look at our funnel.

Our “get hired” conversion rate (bottom of funnel) is 9.4%. 16.3% get offers, but 1 out of every 10 Red Letter candidates presented to our clients get hired. That’s 2.4x better than industry “agency” specific averages.

A closer look at our funnel revealed the following:

>1,100 top of funnel leads over the past 90 days:

33.2% advanced and were invited into our 4-step process

53.4% (of the 33.2%) advanced & completed step 1 (30-min First Impression Call)

49.4% (of the 53.4%) advanced & completed step 2 (45 min Video Conference)

70.1% (of the 49.4%) advanced & completed step 3 (45 min In Person Meeting with CEO)

80.8% (of the 70.1%) were presented to our clients

16.3% (of the 80.8%) received offers)

  9.4% (of the 80.8%) were hired

But, we’ve only just begun. Watch this space as we innovate new ways to double our conversion.

We’re serving candidates and companies in profound ways.

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Source: http://bit.ly/2tDdmVy