Size matters!


Does this sound like you?

Last month was tough. Not only was my monthly quota at stake, like it is every month, my entire quota for Q2 was on the line. I needed a strong EOM.

I was working my butt off. I had what seemed like enough opportunities in the final stage to put me over the top, but, I missed it. Ugh! Maybe you did too.

It happens. Get over it.

I just need to get better at my craft. It’s a numbers game. Increase the size of my funnel, top to bottom, improve my conversion rate in every stage, and I’ll see more wins (and losses).

What I learned is very elementary. Due to many external dependencies and the nature of our “customers” I need have a 3x more funnel activity. More work for sure.

Heck, if they all become “wins”, what a month it will be!