Killer Sales Interview Series #7

Dear Successful SAAS Sales People,

You are amazing. 
You make it look easy.
You don’t just exceed quota, you crush it month after month.
You set all kinds of sales records.
You’re #1 on the stack rankings.
You’re known in the industry.
Your customers love you.
Everybody loves you.

But now you’re looking for a job. It happens, right.

Keep your “A” player sales skills sharp.

Don’t forget, it’s your job to sell yourself to your new employer. Don’t expect to walk into an interview and have them sell you on all of the reasons you will want to work there. That’s messed up. Gather your humility and present the best version of yourself in an intelligent manner, fully prepared to close them on why you are the right choice.

There’s a lot of competition in the market (employer pipelines are rich) and I know you want to be #1. So be ready.

(The above applies to all sales people)

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