Change as a currency


Companies need smart people – capable, get-it-done, above and beyond, superstars, top performers, blah, blah, blah. But, let’s face it, the best and the brightest, crème de la crème people are a part of the overall success equation not the sum total.

Companies that are making a difference are hungry with an insatiable appetite for serving their customer. They’re also innovative, agile, and have a keen sense of drive or urgency.

My company made a big pivot three months ago. Awkwardly, we were losing money and “reacting” to the market instead of “creating” market changes. It was painful and expensive, but once we switched directions we immediately set a high bar for ourselves and the industry we serve. We like to think we have changed the way agency recruiting gets done. Here’s one metric. We only present ~9% of qualified people who aspire our services and that’s after completing a 4-step proprietary process. Here’s another thing: we specialize in SaaS sales and nothing else. Why? We know it like the back of our hand.

We are a feedback driven culture. We listen to our candidates. We solicit feedback from every one of them and we make process changes as needed. Our internal team is uniquely involved and weighs in on every step of the process.

We understand, to make it long-term, all companies need to constantly improve. That’s why we are striving to build the organization we want to see tomorrow, beginning today. How about you?