Hiring managers :-(

hiring manager

Hiring managers. The big shots. The suits unless you’re in tech then it’s more casual. C-suites, EVPs, VPs, Directors, Managers, etc. The ladies and gentlemen who pull the ultimate trigger to hire new people. Usually after many conversations, meetings, planning sessions, higher-ups pre-approvals, board approval, CEO sign off, requisitions completed, blah, blah, blah. All process stuff. Necessary for sure.

I’m looking at this issue through the lens of candidates who have successfully made it all the through our process, been presented to one of our clients, and now they’re subordinated to our clients process. Usually it goes well. But, too often, when the hiring manager has a schedule conflict things get wonky and sometimes never recover. I’ve seen our clients lose rockstar candidates when a hiring manager needs to reschedule last minute. It should never happen. Hiring managers are busy, I get it. We all are. Even candidates. 99% of our candidates are currently employed. But when hiring managers make last minute schedule changes they tarnish their brand.

Sometimes changes can’t be helped. But if they happens more than one or two times a month it’s a priority issue in my mind. An expensive priority issue. See my post Your Lack of Reps is Killing your MRR .

Not to mention it makes everyone have a sad face. Be happy!

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