Don’t miss with me!


We offer a remarkable service for people who are looking for a job they love. We specialize in SaaS sales roles. We speak SaaS. We know the metrics, the dynamics, the demands, and the right type of people who will become rockstars. We don’t charge our candidates for our amazing services. The fees are paid by our premier clients.

But, don’t miss with me. If you schedule a time to meet with me, please show up!  If you absolutely can’t make it for some credible reason, please let me know. We’ll find a way to reschedule. But, if you miss more than one scheduled meetings with flimsy excuses, all bets are off. 

1. If you can’t keep a meeting with me, how can I have confidence you will keep one with our client? We value our clients and our reputation too much. You should too. Candidate brand is important. 
2. I care enough about the people we serve that I prepare for my meetings. I review files, notes, resumes, job listings, and more. It would be good for you to prepare as well. Candidate brand is important. 
3. When you schedule my time, you prevent someone else from scheduling time with me. Time is a limited resource. The best candidates think of others more than themselves. 


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