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It would be an honor for us to partner with you to achieve your hiring goals!

We have enjoyed a lot of success, including my recent role as president as one of the fastest growing SaaS companies . Having hired 1,000+ people over the past thirty years, we know the pain, pressures (and joy) of scaling. We’re fluent in SaaS. We leverage media, our state-of-the-art and relational acquisition process, and sourcing to find the perfect candidate.

We are an agency recruiter that specializes in all Saas sales roles. The search for high-performing talent is tough. We carefully select every candidate and offer our proprietary 4-step process that qualifies, identifies and refers only the best candidates from the Puget Sound area. Every month more than 100 people apply to our process. We accept about 50%. Only 10% (of the 100) are ever presented to our select clients. We believe our approach allows you greater efficiency and ROI. We’d love to earn your business.

We work on a contingency model or a retainer, it’s your choice.

Cheers for now,

Tim Abare

PS – We currently serve some of the the fastest growing SaaS companies in the US and would love to explore a working relationship with you.

“You guys are amazing partners.”
-Recruiting Manager of large SaaS company

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Change as a currency


Companies need smart people – capable, get-it-done, above and beyond, superstars, top performers, blah, blah, blah. But, let’s face it, the best and the brightest, crème de la crème people are a part of the overall success equation not the sum total.

Companies that are making a difference are hungry with an insatiable appetite for serving their customer. They’re also innovative, agile, and have a keen sense of drive or urgency.

My company made a big pivot three months ago. Awkwardly, we were losing money and “reacting” to the market instead of “creating” market changes. It was painful and expensive, but once we switched directions we immediately set a high bar for ourselves and the industry we serve. We like to think we have changed the way agency recruiting gets done. Here’s one metric. We only present ~9% of qualified people who aspire our services and that’s after completing a 4-step proprietary process. Here’s another thing: we specialize in SaaS sales and nothing else. Why? We know it like the back of our hand.

We are a feedback driven culture. We listen to our candidates. We solicit feedback from every one of them and we make process changes as needed. Our internal team is uniquely involved and weighs in on every step of the process.

We understand, to make it long-term, all companies need to constantly improve. That’s why we are striving to build the organization we want to see tomorrow, beginning today. How about you?

I met an un-entitled millennial today


I met with a guy this morning who was looking for a new job. That’s what I do for a living and I love it. 

He’s a bright guy for sure. Not only does he have his JD, MBA, and a wall full of degrees, he comes from a tribe of well-to-doers who have done so much good for so many people including; land donated to a university, another telling her movement-leading story in a Ted Talk, and still another served as president of widely-recognized non-profit for fifteen years. A rich heritage for sure. 

What was so refreshing for me was his “UN-entitled” approach to his life and career.

I’m sure his life and family has endured challenges, struggles, and hardships. That’s what families do together, or separately. What was so refreshing for me was his  “UN-entitled” approach to his life and career. Even in a family of perceived privilege, education, and some early success, he remains humble, motivated, and un-entitled.

Yes, he currently has a job, a government job that is being defunded. Prior to that he worked for one of the largest tech companies in the world, and did very well. He’s an athlete, a learner, and very smart. Did I say that already? He is willing to work 100 hours per week. He is willing to earn less and invest now with hopes of lucrative earnings later.  He is willing to read, study, and learn whatever is needed to know the product and the market. A few “millennials” will make these statements, but I have a hunch this guy is rare and real and he will be a real asset somewhere.

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Company Recruiters & Hiring Managers Only


Over the months of March and April 209 people applied for a job and to complete Red Letter Development’s proprietary 4-step process developed exclusively to identify motivated SaaS sales people. Only 20 (9.5%) have been presented to our clients as candidates for open positions. 

Why does that matter to company recruiters and hiring managers?

  1. We conduct a phone screen, video conference interview and a face-to-face meeting before we ever consider presenting a candidate to you for an open position. 
  2. We complete an assessment that measures three innate personality characteristics shared by high performing sales people: need to achieve, competitiveness, and optimism. 
  3. We provide and review a SaaS glossary of terms with all of our candidates.
  4. Upon completion of our 4-step process, we give every candidate a copy of The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation (just in case they haven’t read it yet).
  5. We build value for your company with our candidates before we present them to you. We educate them, offer highlights, engage free trials, research, etc. 
  6. We invest deeply of our time and resources. Candidates value our process. That’s why we receive a 5-star rating. See our Review page. 
  7. We only present top shelf candidates who are qualified for the role, have stats to support their accomplishments, have a learning mindset, and are intrinsically motivated. 
  8. Our process saves you time, delivers crème de la crème candidates, and accelerates revenue targets and ROI. 
  9. We have some experience hiring successful SaaS salespeople. My career includes many C-suite roles including president of publicly-traded Pushpay, one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in the US. Additionally,  our team has hired more than 1,000 people. 

We are actively looking for one lucky new client.

If you are located in the Seattle, Kirkland, Redmond, Bellevue area I’d be interested in an initial phone call, coffee, or lunch to learn more about your company and see if we’re a perfect match. You can reach me at 

A new way to hotel


His name is Antonio Catalán. He got his start running a gas station his dad owned. From there he went on to open his first hotel in his homeland at age 29. That hotel spawned the NH Hotel Group with 380 hotels in 29+ countries. But, about 20 years ago he had a disagreement with the current management group, sold his shares and left the company he founded.

With a lot of experience, a tidy sum of money, and a bigger-than-life passion for hospitality he started AC Hotels. In 2011 he partnered with Marriott. And using my Marriott Rewards points is how I discovered the hotel in PDX.

I love the story, the “pivot”, the passion, and most of all the hotel we stayed at in Portland (see my picture below). I wish I thought of their tagline, It’s a New Way to Hotel, but it certainly rings true in our experience. AC Hotels will be our new first choice.


The scenes of the week


Our team was able to work@life from a few cool cities this week including; Kirkland, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Portland. Find a job you love!  Top row #1: obvious, right? Top row #2: Oregon Public House (cool CBS video of the world’s first non profit pub). Top row #3: View from home office. Top row #4: LA pool Bottom row #1: Obvious. Bottom row #2: Beach office. Bottom row #3: Closed coffee window in, where else, our PDX hotel lobby. Bottom row #4: A hamburger joint… ha! 

April Specialness

Red Letter (NEW) Logo

Red Letter was started with the idea that when we connect people who care with companies making an impact, something pretty special can happen. Check out this specialness from April. 


The number of people who applied to the Red Letter process in March. 


The number of people who were accepted into the process. We carefully select qualified people who have specific characteristics. 


The number of people who successfully completed all 4-stages of the process. It’s not a hard process, but it is a commitment. 


The number of candidates we connected with employers (our clients). Less than 10% made it all the way. We’re assessing better, asking tougher questions, and getting more selective along the way. That’s really good for everyone. It’s about finding the perfect fit – a job you’ll love!

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Hiring managers :-(

hiring manager

Hiring managers. The big shots. The suits unless you’re in tech then it’s more casual. C-suites, EVPs, VPs, Directors, Managers, etc. The ladies and gentlemen who pull the ultimate trigger to hire new people. Usually after many conversations, meetings, planning sessions, higher-ups pre-approvals, board approval, CEO sign off, requisitions completed, blah, blah, blah. All process stuff. Necessary for sure.

I’m looking at this issue through the lens of candidates who have successfully made it all the through our process, been presented to one of our clients, and now they’re subordinated to our clients process. Usually it goes well. But, too often, when the hiring manager has a schedule conflict things get wonky and sometimes never recover. I’ve seen our clients lose rockstar candidates when a hiring manager needs to reschedule last minute. It should never happen. Hiring managers are busy, I get it. We all are. Even candidates. 99% of our candidates are currently employed. But when hiring managers make last minute schedule changes they tarnish their brand.

Sometimes changes can’t be helped. But if they happens more than one or two times a month it’s a priority issue in my mind. An expensive priority issue. See my post Your Lack of Reps is Killing your MRR .

Not to mention it makes everyone have a sad face. Be happy!

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