Quick update

Quick update…

Personally, Ann and I have been enjoying our NY, LA, & SEA children, spouses, and g-babies, and doing some traveling. We love living in the PNW. Last week we were in the Bay Area. Next up, Chicago and ATL. The entire Abare tribe, spouses, & g-babies are headed to Maui to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary Sept. 13th. Very excited.


Professionally, what can I say? I’m working with some really cool people who love living at the intersection of marketplace and ministry. The Pushpay (PAY, NZSX) rocket ship is still full throttle. We’ve experienced enormous growth. For the past 15 months I’ve had two roles – SVP, Partnerships and President of eChurch. It’s been an incredible run as president including: tapping some enormous talent  (friends too), working together to exceed market projections, three office moves to handle the increase of staff from ~8 to ~90, and 100% focused on serving some amazing churches. With an appreciation for excellence, four weeks ago I asked for my original role back – SVP Partnerships. It’s been a great shift.

Here’s a glimpse of our rapid growth.


If you’re a church leader, we’d love to serve you. If you’re a friend, let’s stay in touch. I often engage Twitter around the subject of leadership, generosity & philanthropy. You can check out my feed here. You can check me out on LinkedIn here. I will also continue to publish family-related (cute babies and more) pictures on Instagram. Click here to follow.

Gotta run.



Abare 2014 Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas! This is our third year of publishing a digital letter versus mailing it. While the reasons are many, the best one is the crazy number of people who read this version compared to the 400 we used to mail. Will you help us again this year by passing this link on to anyone you know who would want a quick update and Christmas cheer from us? Thanks.

sisiSí Sí Colombia! I started writing this year’s digital Christmas letter from Brad, Jamaica, and Miró’s (age 2) place in Bogotá. It’s been their pursuit to invest six months learning Spanish by complete immersion and they did it!

It never crossed my little brain that Ann and I would spend TWENTY long hours flying to and fro visiting them, but we did! I’m an easy target (save your jokes please) when my kids invite us to do life, stuff, and make memories together.

In a few days the Bogotá Abares are flying to Peru and Mexico City before joining us in the PNW (more on that later) on Christmas Eve.

Ann and I are now sky high (40,000 ft.) above Cuba flying home for three consecutive days. Then we’re off again to NYC for a couple of days to celebrate Christmas with the NYC Abare’s. It’s a special, festive, and fun-filled trip for us each year!

Eight short weeks ago, the entire Abare tribe, extended family, and friends from all over met in NYC. The moment I had rehearsed in my head for years was all of the sudden real! On Oct. 10th, I had the privilege to walk my baby girl, Joy, down the aisle and give her to the man of her dreams, Angel. I also gave them a gentle push towards the altar as they took a big step into their future as husband and wife.

l-r Luke, Sarah, Paul, Joan (Ann's mom), Jy, Angel, Craig, Kara, Tim, Ann, Jamaica, Brad, Miro, Landon, Mark, Ava, Jamie, & Lily
l-r Luke & Sarah, Paul, Joan (Ann’s mom), Joy & Angel, Craig & Kara, Tim & Ann, Jamaica & Brad (Miró), Mark & Jamie, (Landon, Ava, & Lily)


With Brad’s bi-ling2014-10-10 13.38.50-1ual officiating and Craig’s role as  Franck Eggelhoffer (watch video) from Father of the Bride leading a team of willing subjects, it was quite the affair to remember. Simply stunning.

Craig also stepped out of his role at Crate & Barrel to create the masterpiece called Joy & Angel’s wedding and then landed a job at a crazy cool place called Refinery 29the fastest growing independent fashion and style website in the United States. Not to be outdone, after 99 years in management at Starbucks, Kara landed at Mullin & Associates, a global leader in career outplacement.

OK, I’m back. I had a flurry of communication with the office thanks to GoGo Inflight! In case you wonder where we are now, we’re flying over Kansas about 3 hours from home.

hopeafricaAbout flying, Luke is doing a lot of it these days, almost everyday, as he and Sarah count the days before heading to South Africa to serve alongside their friends, the Hilliards, and the Hope Africa Collective.

Paul left his job as GM at Fastenal and joined the team at Pushpay/eChurchGiving as a Relationship Manager. In less than 90 days he’s helped 30+ churches enhance generosity in the community.

On Apripapa&lilyl 12th Mark & Jamie welcomed baby #3, Lily Hope to their growing family. While Jamie has her hands full with Ava, Landon, & Lily, Mark continues to “serve and protect” in Bellevue. It’s pretty great to go to church and lunch with them (and Paul) almost every Sunday.

Ann & I spent a lot of time on airplanes this year. After serving for three years with some great people at Adventures, I resigned and accepted a role with Pushpay, a complete giving solution for growing churches. In April, I was appointed President of eChurch (US faith-based market) while still holding on to my SVP, Partnerships responsibilities.The CEO of Pushpay has been a family friend for 10+ years and he’s building a remarkable company that is listed on the NZX Market and doing rather well. In May we moved from our 30th floor condo in Atlanta to a 22nd floor condo in Bellevue, WA with a priceless view of Mt. Rainier and the Cascades. In the midst of our busyness, we celebrated 39 years at a boutique hotel in Portland. Next year, for our 40th anniversary, we’re hoping to take the whole tribe on an Alaska cruise.

This has been a year of change. It is our prayer that you experience the deep and meaning-filled change that only comes from following the Jesus we celebrate this Christmas. We look forward to hearing from you!

Tim & Ann

PS – This humor rating in our letter is pretty low this year. I apologize. No excuses. Next year will be way better.

PSS – We’re one hour from landing in Seattle. Whew, what a day!